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Cait Rosso

  • boho
  • mid century modern
  • scandinavian

About Me

Boho - Mid Century Modern -  Scandinavian

For as long as I can remember I was always infatuated with Interior Design. The concept of creating and living in a beautiful environment has always been a dream that has been stuck in my head ever since I was a child. As a teenager, I went through a serious illness that left me homebound and staying countless days in hospital rooms. Leaving me with a lot of free time and white walls to look at. Instead of watching the usual childhood cartoons I would watch Interior Design programs for hours being mesmerized by how the designers worked and how they came up with their design concepts. Instead of reading sappy tween novels I was reading countless Interior Decorating magazines that I would study and highlight the glossy pages, dreaming and wishing that one day I would get to be like them--an Interior Designer. I drove my mother mad by always wanting to redecorate my room and bring in decorations to my hospital rooms. I love the way that a room decorated with items you love has such an impact on your mental health. Good Interior Design makes you happy. I am thrilled that I can now make someone else's life just that more special and beautiful all because I can give them a room they love and cherish! The opportunity to wake up and be surrounded by beauty is a feeling that will never grow old.

I draw my inspiration from countless sources. From the wanderlust of travelling to exotic places where the sun is shining, people are bustlings, and colours are exploding out of every corner. The excitement and joy from being far from home inspire curiosities. Places like India and Africa with their native textiles and deeply saturated colours. I get inspired by fashion and the creativity of other designers. The textures and whimsy of it all inspire innovation and this freedom to dream. I get inspiration from my everyday life as well as the daydreams. From vintage clothing, I find at Brick Lane, to wandering the back streets of Notting Hill taking in all the pastel colours of the homes. Anything can catch my eye and become a room scheme. For me, I get inspired by feelings and how things and places make me feel. I always strive for the feeling of happiness in whatever form that takes on. From vibrant textiles to the wanderlust of travelling to exotic places, to cherished pieces like a vintage leather jacket or a family heirloom. Inspiration is everywhere.

I feel the mixing of different styles to come together as one is what makes me unique. I never have been one to be easily labelled a certain style. There is too much beauty to stick to one thing. I love the mix. The unexpected is what takes my curiosity. Taking mid-century pieces and layering them with textiles from exotic places, bringing in unexpected hints of colours, adding a quirky art piece that makes you smile, incorporating what you already own along with the amazing modern designs that are happening at the moment into one space that is uniquely a story of the client.

Amber Interiors, Angie Hranowsky, Jo Berryman, Emily Henderson, Kelly Wearstler

Areas of expertise
Residential Design
Children's Design
Spacial Design

Hourly Rate £30 per hour + Travel Costs
Daily Rate £240 per hour + Travel Costs



Checking availability...

Sorry, I'm not available right now.